Eastington's New Community Centre has been funded with many thanks to local companies, individuals and...

Building Progress - Page 1

Work has now completed on Eastington's new community centre. Below, you will find images illustrating the progress of the project.

2006 - July 2008

2006 - Proposed Site of the New Building Jan 2007. The 'cold snap' of the winter and the dig for the trial pit begins.
Spring 2007. 'OK Lads....I think it should go over here!' One of many meetings with the architect Peter Holmes of Potter & Holmes
And one of many meetings with the structural engineer Laurence Boakes of Azimuth Engineering Ltd December 2007. Further soil samples. 'I'm sure the buried treasure is here somewhere!'

2008 - Year of Construction


January. Finding the level!  A few site survey points and we're nearly ready to start.   Note the deterioration of the existing building. May. A new access door in the old building for a builders' rest room.
May. Local youngsters lay the fencing. June. Work starts on the foundations.

June. Setting-up for a celebration. June. Some of the committee members

June. A perimeter drain is laid. June. In go the footings.



June. The steel arrives. June. The frame starts to take shape.

June. The complete frame. End of June 2008. A bit of kite flying.